Purpose Valley Podcast will be going live on the 30th of July 2017. Ade Omotunde ‘Word of Inspiration’ will feature. The topics that will be covered in the Podcast are real, practical and applicable to everyone, regardless of your current stage in life. Listen in, tune in and be refreshed with new insight to life issues and spirituality from a Christian’s stand point.

Ade Omotunde will be sharing on life issues and how to use wisdom to address those troublesome and challenging situations. Most challenges can be resolved if we pay attention to detail and draw on solutions observed in nature. Some issues require us to be mature while others are a call to grow emotionally and spiritually.

No matter what stage of life you may be, there is a solution. It all starts with the basic concept of a Seed. Every Seed needs the right soil, sunlight and moisture to grow. To live a life of  purpose, love, faith and forgiveness are essential ingredients. When we lose sight of these, many things can go wrong.

Some Topics

  • Living a Purpose Driven Life
  • Relationships Driven by Purpose
  • Spirituality with a Purpose
  • The Purpose of Faith

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