Making The Change, Causes The Shift

Making The Change

The idea of change can make you uncomfortable and even frightened. Ahead of you is an unknown experience, a territory never navigated. However, beyond the fear is hidden the treasures of opportunity. The very fact that change is uncomfortable, makes the success zone a limited space reserved for the daring and courageous. It’s the reason why only 5% of most populations attain and maintain this zone of opportunity, most people prefer comfort and certainty, hence why they cannot seize most opportunities.

Making the change regardless of the pain is the discipline needed to project your vision and achieve your dream, life will never be fair because nature does what nature needs to do. You have to work with nature to achieve your objective. You cannot achieve anything by having blind faith or false optimism. Blind faith is hope without a strategy, starting your day without a plan or spending without keeping an account of your income.

In the second part of this post, I will reveal details of the type of discipline required of anyone truly ready to make the shift from an ordinary life to an extraordinary place in history.


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