What to expect

A few things to keep in mind when applying to join Seed.

What to Expect from Seed

  1. We start by identifying the most important things currently in your life, and then do an assessment comparing your dream/vision to your current choices.
  2. We help remove the blocks hindering you from making progress both professionally and spiritually.
  3. We help you draw out a plan for the short-term, mid-term and long-term taking into account your family and relationship commitments.
  4. We also help you build your network to improve your net worth.
  5. You will have lots of fun. Attending activities and events are a core part of our service to you, travelling is involved.

What Seed expects from every member

  1. The first and most important thing we demand from every member is commitment.
  2.  The second thing is faith in your dream. If a person has a poor self-image, that individual will struggle to sell his or her vision to anyone.
  3. The third thing is discipline. Good work ethic goes a long way.
  4. The forth is being able to commit your personal resources to your vision and the well-being of Seed. We believe in team building and teamwork.
  5. The fifth is respect for others within and outside of seed.
  6. The sixth is charity work and giving.

If you think Seed is for you then complete our contact form with your reason(s) and we shall be in touch shortly. Seed meets once every fortnight.