Ade Omotunde (aka Seed Master) has been an inspirational speaker and  life coach for over 15 years. A senior system analyst/ consultant by profession, for over 20 years he worked in major investment banks across Europe. He served as a national youth leader of an international charity for 10yrs. In 2011, he started a project Step into Purpose (Si2P) with a radio programme on Premier Radio UK, the project has since transformed into a life purpose launching pad for young talents. The project nurtures and shapes ideas for the modern market place, using advance development technologies as an enabler.

SEED (Seek, Educate, Empower and Deliver) is a group setup to help young people around the globe find purpose and design their lives for success. Ade applies a unique model to real life; clearly defining each stage of life, with encouragement and structured thinking, he helps individuals shape and create the future they desire.

Ade now travels around the UK as an inspirational speaker and a life coach. He delivers seminars and workshops in the areas of personal development and spirituality for modern living. His passion is to help  individuals reach their full potential in life. To date he has proven that a practical well staged transformational life model can help many achieve life goals that were once considered a dream.

If you have any questions or need help in actualising your vision, do not hesitate to contact Ade. Complete the contact form on this website and expect a call from Ade. Now go and have an awesome day!